The Kelly’s Visit and Fitness Ball 2011

27 Jul

I have officially been living in Boston for 31 months now and my best friend finally decided to visit me. It’s obvious where here priorities lie(yes Elysa, this is a guilt trip). Albeit overdue, it was a fun weekend with great weather and even better friends. Jonathan said to me on Monday after they left that it must have been nice to spend time with my friends from home. It was, but it almost makes it more difficult to be so far away. But hey, I’ll take what I can get!

We picked up Elysa and her husband Ryan on Saturday and spend the afternoon showing them around the Commons, the Public Gardens and my beloved Back Bay neighborhood. It was really hot, but fun to be in the sunshine with such great friends!

Elysa and I in front of the Washington statue - not to be confused with Paul Revere.

Saturday evening we ventured out to Cambridge to my very favorite restaurant in Boston – Cuchi Cuchi! Also the same place Jonathan and I had our first date! I pretty much take all of my visitors here because the atmosphere is great(think waitresses in Burlesque costumes and seriously eclectic decor), the drinks are fantastic and the food is delicious! They serve global tapas and has a little bit of everything, so the menu is broad enough to satisfy even the strictest of Paleo dieters 😉 We had a great time and left stuffed and happy!

Delicious tapas

Ryan's desert with what looked like an exercise ball on top. Side note: Ryan was in an exercise ball video in college...which obviously made this hilarious...for us.

Before I go on, I need to discuss the fact that Elysa and I had planned, without talking to each other, to wear the same exact dress with equally matching accessories. I bought this dress on Thursday and there was about six other colors to choose from. What are the chances?! It was hilarious and a picture needed to be taken for proper documentation. Don’t worry, I made Elysa change.

This is not the first time we've done this.

Sunday we got up and had a delicious bagel breakfast and headed out to kayak along the Charles River. Fun fact: the Charles is so notoriously dirty, the song “Dirty Water” by The Strandells was in fact written about the Charles. Our goal for the day was to not fall in.

We spent a few hours (carefully)kayaking along the river enjoying the sites and the cooler weather and then headed into the city to grab some lunch. We ate at one of my favorite places, Parish Cafe. We sat outside while enjoying lunch, drinks and a sunburn. We then left to meet a few friends who were also visiting from Florida. We shopped and walked around, grabbed a drink and headed back to our apartment to shower and get ready for dinner. We ate dinner outside at a local Brookline favorite, American Craft, and had ice cream after dinner.

Monday morning we got up and prepared for the mornings challenge: Fitness Ball 2011. The back story on this is Elysa used to be pretty much the laziest person I have ever met when it came to the gym. She never went, ever. In the last year she started going to a cross-fit gym and has basically turned into a gym rat. Seriously, I worry about her. Anyways, she had been bragging all weekend that she is sooooo strong and could basically kill me in any work-out. Jonathan decided it would be a great idea to find out if that’s actually true, so he decided we should have a fitness challenge . Another back story: Elysa has lost to me in everything since we’ve met, accept cleaning.

We started with quick 2.25 run. I deciding it would be a great idea to end the run with a sprint up the gigantic hill at the end of my street. Bad idea. I came about 1 second from puking. Beer and ice cream the night before don’t make for good fuel the next day.

Once up the hill we began the challenge. We started out with push-ups. I won the first one and we both sort of lost count on the second so we called it a tie. We then did a series of non-competitive exercises in rounds of eight; air squats and flutter kicks. We finished off with a plank hold challenge: whoever drops out first loses. Elysa made it to about a minute and a half, she claims she didn’t feel like pushing it, and I held on for three minutes. Ouch.

Don't let the 'roided-out shoulders fool you, I can still do more push-ups then her.

So, even with her obsessive gym routine, I can still say I can beat her in everything, except cleaning.

We had a great weekend and I’m sad they are already gone. Plus, Jonathan misses his nap-time buddy.

Until next time, hopefully as a party of three!


2 Responses to “The Kelly’s Visit and Fitness Ball 2011”

  1. Brianne 07/27/2011 at 6:07 pm #

    I had noticed Elysa’s humungous muscles in your facebook pics! YOu guys are funny!@

  2. Elisa 07/27/2011 at 6:31 pm #

    I just love to hear your stories! You have a way with words Lucy! It’s sounds like you had a great time!! Maybe next summer Steve and I can come for a visit!! Love you both!!

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