Wrong Turns

10 Aug

You may remember me telling you guys about how Jonathan took a wrong turn and our 6 mile run turned into almost 7? Well, it seems it’s becoming a trend in the Feig household. Apparently we are not not good at following directions.

Saturday is our long run day and this week called for 7 1/2 miles. I have actually started looking forward to these. Sometimes I dread my shorter runs because I know I can do them and I have to do them a lot. But knowing I’m about to set a new mileage record is always very exciting and rewarding. It feels so good to put a big black X over that long run on the calendar.

Jonathan had to work in the morning so while he was gone I had mapped out a scenic 7 1/2 miles along the river and pond of Jamaica Plain, a local Boston neighborhood. Map My Run does this really cool 3D flyover so you can see your actual course before you run it. Pretty cool! I made sure to go over the route with Jonathan we he got home since he always runs ahead of me, I’m slow-ish. He studied it a few times and we were out the door.

I think you know where this story is going.

Jonathan usually stays within visual distance of me and I could see him trotting along in his new shorty bright red running shorts for the first 2 miles or so. I got stuck at an intersection for a few minutes (so annoying) and never saw him again after that. At about the halfway point we were to run around Jamaica Pond, which is a realatively large pond and you can see along most of the perimeter. His shorts were pretty easy to spot so I was sure if I were to see him it would be here. I was wearing the watch so I knew I wasn’t running too slow and couldn’t figure out where he was. I concluded that he was a. running really fast or b. not running the same course. It was obviously the latter.

I finally got back after an very hot 1:08 minutes (not too shabby) to find him sitting on our stoop with a gallon of gator-aid. After cooling down I returned to the stoop and asked him if he loved the mid-course water fountain as much as I did.

Jonathan: What water fountain?

Me: The huge water fountain right smack in the middle of the pond. How did you miss it?

Jonathan: Uhh, not sure. Must not have been paying attention.

Me: Really? You practically had to run around it. Are you sure you ran the same route I did? Did you run around the pond?

Jonathan: Maybe?

Me: Yeah, you definitely turned off too soon. You can’t exactly miss the HUGE pond.

Jonathan: Damn it. I figured I didn’t run 7 1/2 miles in 45 minutes. It was probably more like 5 1/2.

Me: Well, then I suggest you get back out there and run two more miles. We have 9 next weekend remember?

Jonathan: You’re crazy. I’m going inside.

I’m almost excited to see what happens this weekend.

The beautiful pond that Jonathan missed.

Monday night we were scheduled to run an easy 3 miles. We couldn’t agree on a course so I went my way and Jonathan went his. I took the watch to track my pace,this is really starting to aggravate my husband considering it is his watch, and we were off. My legs were definitely still sore from Saturday and it took much longer than normal for me to get settled in. I felt slow and sore the entire run so I was pretty sure this wasn’t going to be my best time. I kept telling myself it was ok, easy runs are supposed to be easy so I wasn’t going for time. Just get the miles in.

I ran down Harvard Ave., turned onto Washington St. and was supposed to turn onto Park St. to get back home. Somewhere down Washington I zoned out and all of a sudden I was approaching Beacon St. Shoot, I missed my turn. Oh well,a few extra blocks won’t kill me. I finished and clocked in at 33 minutes. Geez, I was slower than I thought. I got inside and checked my route and I had actually run just over 4 miles. Oops. Then I said surprisingly and out loud, Wow, I just ran 4 miles in 33 minutes! That’s an 8:25 mile! That, my friends is the fastest I have run since before my injury. It makes me particularly happy because after my injury I’ve really just been focusing on staying in the game, I never thought I could actually get faster! I’d actually given up on the idea.

So it just goes to show, not all wrong turns are a bad thing. Sometimes you don’t know how fast or strong you are until you go down the wrong path.

And sometimes you should go back and put in the extra two miles so you won’t want to kill yourself when you have to run even further the next weekend. Ahem.



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