August Recap

31 Aug

As with the rest of the Summer, August seemed to fly by! It was another really fun month filled with family, friends and lots of running. I have really come to love Summer’s in Northeast – they are always filled with new places, family, friends and the outdoors. I certainly don’t miss Florida summers filled with scorching heat, rain and lots of time indoors!

This August brought one of my favorite Feig family traditions – Cousin’s Weekend! Most of the cousin’s on the Feig side of Jonathan’s family happen live in the Northeast, so we take full advantage by dedicating an entire weekend each summer to get together. Stacey and Josh were the gracious hosts of the weekend and we all bunk up at their house in the Pocono’s . It was a weekend filled with lost of laughs, games, delicious food, and running. It amazes me how active we all are. It’s way more fun to have a long run scheduled for the weekend when almost everyone there is running too!

A few highlights of the weekend:

  • Emma not recognizing Bob and putting her hand out to shake his and saying “Hi, I’m Emma”…we laughed for a good five minutes after that one.

2 going on 17

  • Poor Heather getting made fun of for every card she put down in Apples to Apples. I was actually crying from laughing so hard.
  • The amazing spread of food the entire weekend and Bob having to grill in the pouring rain. I think he’s trying to make up for not attending last year’s Cousin’s Weekend.
  • Nicole’s amazing watermelon cake pops. She’s so crafty!
Getting the chance to spend all weekend with some of my favorite people.
What was not a highlight, however, was our 9 mile run. One word: hills. It was probably one of the most unenjoyable runs to date and I actually had to walk down some of the hills because they were so steep. The only thing I can take from it is it definitely made my 11 mile run the next weekend seem like a cake walk in comparison. Check out this elevation:
Just as we thought we couldn’t get enough of family fun, Bo and Pumpkin came to visit! They were on their way to a romantic getaway to Nantucket and Maine and stopped to see us on the way up! We took them to the North End for dinner and ate at Carmen, one of our favorites! It was delicious and we had so much fun. We never really get one-on-one time with them so it was an extra-special night for us!
The rest of August was filled with runs, eating and spending lots of time with our favorite neighbors. Eventually, I fear, they will get sick of us.
Also in August, I FINALLY got to ride on my new fancy road bike! After about a month of either being out of town or dealing with bad weather, we eventually got a free Sunday morning with good weather. It was really fun and I feel like I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Although, the clicking in and out of the pedals will take some practice!
We were cruising along for about an hour and decided to head home(why do bad things always happen on the way home?). As we were approaching a light and slowing down, a man parked on the side of the road yelled out to me and Jonathan. Apparently he was crippled and could not get out of the car to put his mail in the mail box so he was trying to get us to do it. How he can drive is another story. It kinda freaked me out so I turned to see what was going on and BAM! Hit the ground faster than I could register. Banged up my knees pretty bad but happy to report no major damage. Is it terrible that my first thought was “oh no, I did not just run eleven miles for nothing!” Note to self: un-click before coming to a stop. You will fall over.
August was a lot of fun and full of great things but I am so ready for September to arrive. It is my favorite month for weather up here(75 and sunny!) and that much closer to my favorite season – Fall!!
Back next week with a full recap on our upcoming trip to Florida! I hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend. I know I sure will!

2 Responses to “August Recap”

  1. mike 08/31/2011 at 6:26 pm #

    Don’t worry to much the unclicking, you’ll get it. I have a friend that was on a 450 Honda that forgot to put his feet down at a light. Believe me that’s much worse.
    See you soon.

    • bostonlovers 09/01/2011 at 1:39 pm #

      Yikes! definitely worse! I’m pretty sure I bruised my ego more than anything else 🙂

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