Florida Showers

9 Sep

This past weekend we spent Labor Day in good old South Florida. If I know anything about Florida Summers, it’s that they are really hot and rains, a lot. Like every day. I remember having to get back from my lunch break before two o’clock because, like clockwork, it would rain everyday at the same time. Usually just for 20 minutes. Not so bad if it weren’t for the retched steam of humidity it left in it’s tracks. Basically, Florida was not good for my hair. I never had a good hair day when I lived there, at least not after two o’clock.

So, needless to say I was super excited about the weather last weekend. I wished I could have bottled up Boston’s 70 degrees and sunny weather and brought it along for the weekend. Such is life.

We got in late Friday and after a delicious Mexican dinner with my sister and her fiance we headed to my parent’s house for the night. We unpacked, chatted and finally went to bed around 1 am. I was crossing every finger, toe, arm, and leg that the morning temperatures wouldn’t be too bad since we had to bang out 12 miles Saturday morning. No dice.

To say that this was an unpleasant run would be like saying my husband kinda likes cookies. If you know him well enough you know he’s a certified cookie monster. The boy can blow through an entire box in one sitting…and never gain an ounce. So no, I did not enjoy this run. At all. It was pretty much the worst ever.

My alarm went off at 6:30 and I decided since I had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep, a half an hour more of sleep was justifiable. I seriously regretted that decision later. We got up, had our standard pre-run PBJ sandwich and iced coffee, stretched and were out the door at around eight o’clock.

The twelve miles were broken down into two 6 mile loops meeting halfway back at my parent’s house so we could stop for water and gator-aid. The first few miles weren’t so bad. I felt really good and positive about the miles ahead. Of course, the sun hadn’t come out yet. It was around mile five when this run started to unravel for me. I felt ok, but not nearly ok enough to be running another 7 miles. I was already tired, my legs were cramping from the heat and I was becoming dehydrated. I told myself to just make it to the house and I could get some water, I could do this.

A beautifully scenic run. Yeah, notsomuch.

We met at the house to down gator-aid poured ice water all over myself to cool off, stretch my legs and set off for the final 6 miles. I forced myself to think positive because I was finishing this run whether I liked it or not, no use in having a poor attitude about it. I think the powerade chews finally kicked in around mile seven and the sun ducked back into the clouds, I was feeling good and happy again. It was kind of fun to run around my old hometown, passing schools and parks I had made so many memories at growing up. We hit mile 9 and the sun was starting to make it’s way out again. The temperatures were rising, I was starting to over-heat and I just kept praying for rain. Around mile 10 is when it all fell apart. I was so hot that I took off my shirt and ran in my sports bra, something I only do when it’s out of desperation. My shirt was so soaked in sweat(attractive, I know) that it was sticking to me and making me even more uncomfortable than I already was. I also stopped and walked for a few seconds. Something I never allow myself to do. Walking to me equals giving up and I can almost always fight through the urge. But, I was becoming really dizzy and knew I need a quick break. Thank God for my husband, who kept me going even though I wanted so badly to quit. I started back up after a few seconds and by mile 11 I was repeating “left, right, left, right” in my head just to keep my feet moving forward. I felt like I had run 16 miles already. It had started to drizzle after about an hour of praying for rain. I told myself if God could give me rain than I could give him the rest of the run. So I pushed forward, with the help of Britney Spears of course. Then finally, finally, after 12 miserable miles I could see the stopping point. Never in my life have I been so excited to see University Drive. I felt exhausted but also really proud of myself for pushing through the misery. I now had the entire weekend to look forward to!

The rest of the day was filled with eating, I heart Chick-fil-a, shopping for last minute bridal shower items and a good nap. I basically crapped out at about 2 pm. I never nap so when I actually can I know it was needed. We then headed over to Nancy’s house for dinner with her and Grandma Helen. We grilled steaks and sat and chatted and watched our wedding video. It was a great night and we are so glad we got to spend some quality time with the family.

Sunday was the event of the weekend – Elisa’s Bridal Shower! My sister, Brianne, had cleverly came up with a surprise Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme because Elisa loves that movie so much. It was hit! Everyone came in their LBD’s and pearls and the room was decked-out in teal, black, and white and topped off with Audrey Hepburn mugs wrapped in Tiffany’s style wrapping. Everything came out so cute and Elisa was thrilled!


She got lots of great stuff and the afternoon was filled with great food, friends and lots of champagne! It was so nice to see my sister as happy as she is and makes me even more excited for the upcoming wedding.

Later that night we headed over to dinner with my family to celebrate both of my parents’ birthday’s! We went to Big Bear Brewery, their local favorite, and had lots of fun. We had a rather long wait that I filled chasing my niece, Leyla, around the sidewalk and trying to keep her from falling all the way into the fountain. Kid is determined.


Loving the fountain

Trying to get into the fountain. Best shot ever.

The weekend was wonderful and I still can’t believe I hadn’t been back there for 7 months. My longest stretch since I’ve moved up to Boston. But don’t you worry my Florida friends, I will be back a million more times between now and next May. The airlines, or Jet Blue really, love us.


2 Responses to “Florida Showers”

  1. Mandy 09/09/2011 at 5:18 pm #

    Sounds like a big weekend for the Leonard’s….many congratulations and happy birthdays! – Mandy


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