Halfway Point Thoughts

21 Sep

This past weekend we had a particularly active, but very fun, two days. We had our long run on Saturday, spent Saturday night at our good friends’ house and went hiking with other good friends on Sunday. We also hit the halfway point in our marathon training. Crazy.

9 weeks down. 9 weeks to go. I wish I could push the fast forward button to November 20th. I’m not really great with waiting for things. I almost lost my sanity waiting for my wedding day last year. I have patience issues.

Also, my October training schedule looks like this

Please note the last week. I have 10 mile run on Wednesday and 20 miles on Saturday. I may not live.

Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous. Or terrified. Same thing.

After Saturday’s 10 mile long run, I felt on top of the world. I ran ten miles, at a surprisingly quick pace, and felt awesome afterwards. No pain what so ever and it was, dare I say, easy. The fact that I can say running ten miles is “easy” is pretty wild. I’m actually staring to feel optimistic.

Three months ago it was a very different story. I was just healing from an injury and I overanalyzed every little pain I felt. I swore my injury was back every time I felt the smallest bit of soreness and I was extremely skeptical on my ability to do this. My “long run” was also about 5 miles.

Thinking back to three years ago, I would have told you I would never run a Marathon. Not ever. It was this grand idea that I only dreamt about doing one day. I never gave myself enough credit. You would be amazed at things your body is capable of if you give it the chance. My friend Elysa for example: Never went to the gym and could eat her weight(all 100 lbs of it) in corn dogs. And now she’s a certified gym rat with shoulders that would make a man cry. Or run, whichever.

This weekend Jonathan and I are running the Wicked Half Marathon in Salem. Three years ago this weekend we ran this as my very first race. I remember being so out of my mind nervous about this race. This year I almost forgot I was running it. I also remember my first thought after crossing the finish line was how I could not ever image doubling it. Funny how things have changed.

If I’ve learned anything during the last 9 weeks, it’s that marathon training is nothing but a mind game. If you think you can run 10 miles, than you probably will. And after you run that 10 miles adding two measly miles on the end is no big deal. So twelve miles starts to become less of a feat. Or at least you tell yourself that. You also start talking to yourself a lot more, I’ve noticed. I have never yelled at myself more in my  life. Who would have thought the phrase “suck it up and don’t be such a @$%&$” would be so affective! I promise to never use this tactic on my husband or future children. They probably will not respond as well.

Here’s hoping I can keep all this positive outlook stuff going through these next 9 weeks. I cannot wait to be able to say I ran 20 miles and lived to tell the story. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!


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