Brand New Goodness

24 Feb

Oh hey there! I bet you thought we were never coming back. I apologize for my brief blogging hiatus, things have been a little busy around these parts. I honestly cannot remember being this busy since my wedding planning days. All good things, thankfully, but we have had more than our share of new things in the works this month.

Which brings me to, our NEW apartment! This came to just as much of a shock to us than anyone else, we literally found this place 3 weeks ago and have already moved in. We have a bit of an overlap in both of our leases, so we are now the proud renters of not one, but two apartments. God forbid we do anything normal. I think it’s safe to say the savings account will not be getting very much love this month.

Here’s a few pictures of our new place. This is pre-move in, I’ll post a few once it’s more in order and there aren’t boxes everywhere.

Living room. Sadly, that's a non-working fireplace. Big tease.

Dining room

Jonathan's new office.

Bedroom #1. This is where we sleep.

Bedroom #2. Future baby Feig's sleeping quarters. Don't get too worked up, there is no baby yet. And, no, I will not be keeping those curtains. Gross.

Saving the best for last….

New kitchen with, what's that shiny little thing in the back?

a DISHWASHER! Sweet Jesus, life is good.


Our very own, sort of, washer/dryer! Doesn't get much better than this, people. Ok, maybe for you spoiled Florida folk it does. But for us, this is huge. For real. I'm not hard to please. Apparently.

We may be a bit farther into the burbs than I would have liked, but at some point you have to give up a few things you want to get what you need. What’s that song again?

Anyways, back to newness.

I also got a new CAR! I know, you guys are about to explode with excitement. Nothing makes you feel old like dishwashers, sedans, and the burbs.

Here’s a pic of the new ride:

Hi, I'm a Subaru Impreza and I get great gas mileage. And I'm pretty.

Also new to the Feig world…a sister!! Michael and Heather got married a few weeks ago in Florida and I couldn’t be more excited to add another sister to the mix! I now have FOUR! So lucky.

My beautiful new sister, Heather. It's almost unfair how gorgeous she looked. Also, best wedding ever. Seriously.

So, that’s about it for things I can show you in the blog. I’ll be back shortly with an update on half marathon training and other goodness going on in our lives.

Have a great weekend! I’ll be unpacking and running. Try and beat that, it’s not hard. I’m already jealous of you.


One Response to “Brand New Goodness”

  1. Nancy Leonard 02/24/2012 at 10:13 pm #

    Finally some pictures! Love the new place! I know how proud you two must be! Your new car is really pretty! Take care of it! Love you and miss you, Mom

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