My Half @$$ed Half Marathon Training

14 Mar


Please excuse my brash header for this post, there’s just no other polite way to say it. 

On Sunday morning, I will be running the NYC Half Marathon through the streets of Manhattan. I wish I was more excite for this race because I really do believe it will a great race, I’m just not. 

You see, when I entered myself into the lottery for this race, I didn’t for one second think I had a shot in hell of getting in. So in stead if being crazy excited when I got the email that my application had been excepted, I actually stared at in disbelief, there must be some kind of mistake was my first thought, immediately followed by an oh crap. I have never, ever had good luck with any sort of lottery or random winner situation so I signed up not really giving it much thought…obviously.

So here I am, 12 weeks and lots of whining later and not any more excited than I was when I got that email. Did I train well? you ask, ummm no. No, I did not. I looked up a training program, wrote out on my calendar and probably looked at it twice. Whoops. Last week I ran a total of three miles. I think I was supposed to run somewhere around 12. Not good.

Will this be my best race? Probably not. Will I set a new personal record? I’m not counting on it. BUT, I can tell you one positive thing, I am definitely a much stronger, dare I say, faster runner than I was a year ago. I’m not sure how it happened but it did.

One year ago my average casual run pace was around 9 minutes, lately I’ve been hovering somewhere between 8:10 and 8:20. The only thing I can attribute this to is 1. My body is a lot more acclimated to distance running  2. I have upped my strength training tremendously which has made me a lot stronger and less injury prone and 3. Marathon training has shifted my endurance, mentally as well as physically. What constitutes a long run for me now would have been completely different a year ago. 30 – 45 minutes of running seems to go by in a blink when it used feel like work. 

Also, I managed to move to a neighborhood significantly hillier than my last one, if that’s possible. I can no longer avoid them, even if I try – and trust me I have tried! Check out a picture I snapped on my long run


Not really sure why I'm smiling here.


So, obviously I have also improved in the hill climbing department.

 I am trying my best to pump myself up for this race because I know that it can be enjoyable if I stop dreading it, plus I will have tons of crowd support which always helps. I also think I’ve done enough of these things to be fully aware of how un-fun they really are. Running a half marathon and racing a half marathon are two very different things. And we all know I’m entirely too competitive to let myself just run it. Trying to hang on to a fast pace after mile 8 is not easy task and I know all too well that feeling of I might actually die if I don’t slow down feeling and why, oh, why do I keep doing this to myself – This SUCKS feeling. All fun things to look forward to. 

So, I am trying my best to get excited about this upcoming race and the fact that this will more than likely be my last distance race for a while. Thank God.

Wish me luck! I’m going to need it!!




One Response to “My Half @$$ed Half Marathon Training”

  1. mandy 03/15/2012 at 1:46 am #

    Good luck!

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