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Philadelphia Marathon Recap

29 Nov

So this post is a tad late, but I do have my reasons. I kept hearing from fellow marathoners that “just wait, in a week or so you’ll be itching to sign up for your next one.” Well, it’s been over a week and the only thing I feel is relief that my body is starting to get back to normal – certainly no future-marathon-itch feelings here. I was hoping my thoughts would change like everyone said they would.

I think there is something about your first marathon, being blissfully ignorant to the physical and mental pain you are about to endure. I’m not sure I could will myself into that kind of pain again. At least not for a long time.

Please don’t take this as anything negative. I, aside from the soreness in my legs, the total knock-you-out fatigue, the fantom bruises on my ankles and the lack of toe nails, only came out of this experience with positive feelings. It was the single hardest, most rewarding experience of my life thus far and I would never take it back. I learned just how far I can push, how much I can take, and most importantly that I can accomplish (almost)anything if I work hard enough for it. And boy, did I work for this one. Marathons are no joke and much more difficult than anyone can ever really prepare you for.

So, on to the recap…

Jonathan and I woke up bright and early to catch the morning train into Philadelphia on Saturday.We met up with the Nancy’s(our Moms), grabbed lunch and headed across the street to the expo. We walked around to visit the different vendors, snagged some free stuff and took a few obligatory pictures. We spent the rest of the day with Jason, Nicole and the girls and enjoyed a delicious pre-race dinner.

We got to bed a little later than hoped but I was more worried about not being able to sleep. I actually only woke up once during the night after a dream that I had finished the marathon, with complete ease and no pain. I was pissed when I woke up only to figure out moments later that no, I had not actually finished the marathon and I still had to run it. I would later see the irony of the pain-free experience I had in my dream. The next time I woke up was at an ungodly hour of 4 am when not two, not three, but 4 alarms went off – we were paranoid. I rose quickly, got dressed and tried my best to force down the pbj sandwich I had made for breakfast. For the record, I will probably never eat a pbj sandwich ever again. The mere thought of peanut butter makes me want to vomit. Anyway, I could tell my nerves were really starting to kick in and I tried my hardest to force down as many carbs as I possibly could and before I knew it it was time to go.

We marched out into the cold morning with the other thousands of runners to the start line. It was actually a pretty cool experience – walking out into the heart of Philadelphia before sunrise with thousands of runners all about to run 26.2 miles. The air was almost electric. We made it to the corral with ease and waited for the race to start. I didn’t feel too nervous but I was most definitely ready to get this over with. I was excited. I was about to run a marathon.

The first five or so miles were great. The crowds were awesome and we ran through all different parts of the city. Being my first time in Philly, it was really fun to “sight see” while running a marathon. I knew my family would be somewhere around mile five so I looked anxiously until I ran up to this

I was obviously excited. I was also happy that I chose to wear shorts instead of capris because I was already getting very warm. There were tons of girls in long sleeves and pants, I felt really bad for them but happy I didn’t make the same mistake.

Miles 7-13 were not my favorite. Not because of the course, I was just having a really difficult time. I was already tired and my stomach was seriously not cooperating. The nerves from the morning were still lingering and I had thrown up and swallowed it back down so many times I had lost count(running is sexy). Also the hills kicked in. I had overheard a man at the starting line telling his friend that “she wasn’t going to like the hill at mile 9. ” It’s safe to say I didn’t either. It was a winding wall of a hill that completely burned out my quads. I tried the best I could to not let my pace drop but all I could do was shuffle once I got to the top. By the time I got down the hill and entered mile 12 I was doing really poorly. I must have tightened up my shoulders too much on the hill because I had a horrible, blinding cramp on my left shoulder blade. With everything that was going on and knowing how far I still had left to go, I let doubt and fear slip in. I could feel the tears welling up and at that moment I honestly wasn’t sure if I was capable of finishing and it made me sad. Sad I was in so much pain, sad I had so far left to go, and sad I might disappoint everyone who was here to cheer me on. I looked up and yelled for Jonathan and asked him to rub out the knot in my shoulder. I took some advil, drank water and got a mini-massage(while running) and after about a mile my body finally decided it wanted to cooperate. I was feeling better.

We saw our family again at mile 13, although we almost missed them. I looked at Jason and gave the gun to my head signal(because I really wanted to die at this point) and kept going. I looked at the clock and saw we had run 13 miles in 2 hours – right on target. I was starting to feel better, my stomache was easing up and my spirits had definitely lifted.

Miles 14 – 17 were good. We ran along the river which I really enjoyed and passed some more spectators with awesome signs. My personal favorites were “Things that last longer than Kim Kardashien’s marriage: The Philadelphia Marathon”, “Keep running. Naked cheerleaders ahead” and “The best way out is through.”

I am most definitely not a sissy. Poor toenails.

My personal favorite

By the end of mile 17 Jonathan’s pace was starting to slow and by mile 18 I had passed him. I looked back to make sure he was there at the end of 18 and that was the last time I would see him until hours later. I approached mile 19 just thinking he had fallen a little behind and as I approached mile 20 I could see all of mile 19 next to me so I tried my best to find him but never did. The whole time I had told myself that I wasn’t allowed to walk until I got to mile 20, no exeptions. I was so focused on finding Jonathan that I had completely missed the 20 mile marker and by the time I got to 21 I was going down hill and I knew I couldn’t stop on a decline. I also knew Jason and Nicole would be somewhere between miles 23 and 25 so I focused on just making it to them.

Right as I passed mile 21 a woman cheering had shouted out “This experience is almost over. You’re almost done!” That was the first time I had actually believed I could finish. I picked up my pace and turned the music up. I was happy, I was almost done and I could stop running soon. Even though I was happy I was also starting to really hurt. My quads felt like they were going to explode, my ankles were killing me and my lower back was in a lot of pain. I was feeling every mile. Most of all, I was completely drained. It took every once of willpower to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I kept the inner dialog at a constant telling myself I had come this far, I could not quit now. I wanted so badly to stop running, for this torture to over with. As I (slowly)passed miles 23 and 24, I saw three people laying on the side of the road getting medical attention and two people hurled over their knees puking. I thought to myself “this could be a lot worse” so I kept going and pushed a little harder. I also knew that if I was to stop I might not have the energy to propel myself back to running and I knew at this point walking was going to hurt just as much a running so I kept going repeating every mantra I could think of to keep me motivated.

Mile 25 came and I finally saw the top of Jason’s head. I starting walling my arms to get their attention with a huge, goofy smile plastered on my face. I have probably never been that excited to see two people in my life. Nicole promised to run with me the last few miles so I knew I had some help. Someone to distract me from the pain and keep me motivated.

I can’t begin to describe how much Nicole running with me meant. She kept me happy, distracted and motivated. She talked to me the whole time telling me how great I was doing and letting me know when each mile marker was coming. I was in so much pain at this point and having someone to talk to and yell profanities at (sorry, Nic) was amazing. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it those last few miles, the most difficult miles, without her. I hope to repay her at the NYCM sometime soon.

Nicole let me know to look ahead because the finish line was in sight. I could see the banner and the crowds were getting much thicker, I decided I was close enough to the finish to sprint. I have no idea where this sudden burst if energy came from and I can’t remember the last time I had sprinted that fast. As I was approaching the finish a man came up next to me, looked at me and said “let’s do this” and we both took off even faster, racing to the finish line. I threw my arms up and let out a huge laugh and hugged the man I will never see again. I turned around to find Nicole, ran up to her and gave her the biggest hug I could muster. I just ran a marathon, I was finally done.

I proceeded to get my medal and sit on the grass to stretch while I waited for Jonathan to finish. I was really worried about him but finally after about an hour my mom came over to tell me that Jason had texted Nancy and said they were coming towards the finish. It was really fun to watch him cross the finish line, although I hated that we didn’t get to finish together. I hate that Jonathan had such a hard time with his stomach and it breaks my heart that he didn’t have the race he deserved. But, like most things in life, there is only so much you can control and it just wasn’t his day. I am so amazed by how well he handled it – no tears, no fits of frustration, he was just happy he finished. I would have thrown an absolute fit and would have probably cried for days afterwards. He is a better man than I.

The Philadelphia Marathon’s slogan for the weekend was ‘Best Time of your Life.’  I can’t say it was the best time of my life, I think my wedding day was slightly more enjoyable, but it was one of the best experiences of my life. I had a great time, learned so much about myself, and fulfilled a dream that until mile 21 I never really thought was possible. I have never been more proud than when I finally crossed that finish line and I hope that the knowledge I gained from this experience resonates into the rest of my life. Because in all honestly, if I can run a marathon, with a lot of hard work and determination what can’t I do?

A big THANK YOU to everyone who supported us not only through the weekend but also through the training. It means so much to us to have so many people in our life that care about us and are there for constant support. If any of you are thinking about running a marathon, do it. I truly believe that anyone willing to put in the time and effort is capable. It is an amazing experience that is like nothing else. Just be warned – it’s gonna hurt!



31 Oct

20 miles down. 20 days left to go. I also have 1 month and 20 days left in my 20’s. Scary stuff.

Friday, October 29 was my scheduled, and dreaded, 20 mile run. I have been staring at this day on the calendar for months on end and somehow it has come and gone and left me with something I was not expecting: mixed feelings.

I surely thought going into this day I would come out of it feeling either really great or really scared. I definitely wasn’t expecting to feel both.

The alarm went off at 6 a.m. and I popped out of bed feeling ready for the day’s challenge. OK, that’s a lie. I got up, turned off my alarm and proceeded to lay back down with the mentality of if I don’t get up than this doesn’t have to happen. We can just tell people we ran 20 miles, right??

After some convincing that, no I could not pretend I ran twenty miles I had to actually run them, I got out of bed. I did my best to convince myself that it wasn’t that bad. Three hours of running would not kill me.

I got up, got dressed, force fed myself because when I’m a barrel of nerves I tend to lose my appetite(not exactly ideal for running marathons), and made it out the door. And it was cold out that door. A crisp 30 degrees and sunny. Actually quite perfect because that will most likely be the temperature on race day and it was great to get a feel for what to wear and how I’d feel given the temperatures.

We picked a new course that actually ran along a lot of the Boston Marathon course. Which translates to very hilly. Oh my word, those stupid hills never stopped coming. Despite the hills it was a nice change of pace from what we normally do and we got to see a lot of the neighborhoods that I usually don’t get to see. We ran past gorgeous neighborhoods with big houses and cute kids playing in the yards. We talked and dreamed about what it would be like to live in said big houses and the miles seemed to tick by.

Around mile 12 Jonathan started to complain about the pain in his knee and by mile 13 I could tell he was really hurting. We stopped shortly after at a 7-11 to get some advil and water in hopes that it would help the situation. After the quick pit stop we picked it back up and with in the first few minutes Jonathan decided it was best if he ended his run there. I conceded that it was probably the best thing to do and left him to finish up the final 6 1/2 miles alone.

I’m not going to lie, this was a major confidence blow. All I kept thinking about was how heart-broken I would be if it were me having to sit out the rest of the run and how was I possibly going to get through this marathon without him? It’s funny that I went into this marathon thinking I would run it alone and now somehow I couldn’t imagine myself doing this without him. I kept picturing myself lining up at the start alone on race day. It made me sad and the miles suddenly crept by much slower. Mile 16 was a very lonely mile for me. Ironically 16 is my lucky number.

Mile 17 went much smoother. I decided I needed to snap out of it if I wanted to finish this run strong. Plus, an Eminem song popped into my headphones which gave me a much needed boost – never underestimate the power of music. I continued to plod along the course and I was feeling pretty good, minus the knee pain that had started to creep it’s way in. No big deal, twenty miles is supposed to be hard right?

Mile 18 was most definitely my hardest mile. The earlier hills were now affecting my quads, which were now on fire, the urge to retreat onto the side of the road was becoming stronger and the pain in my knee went from slight to bad very quickly. It had gotten so bad that I was wondering if it was stupid for me to be running through it. I just couldn’t get myself to stop, not when I had less than 2 miles left. I had come too far to fail now. The only thing that kept me sane was the fact that the pain was coming in 10-20 second waves and then would return to normal. I knew from previous injuries that if the pain stayed constant then I was in trouble, otherwise I was ok to run though it. I kept timing the pain, making sure it never reached a solid minute and focused on making it to Beacon Street. I would be just a few tenths of a mile after that.

Mile 20 was easier than I would have thought. I was tired and ready for it to be over with but I kept reminding myself that I felt a whole lot better than I did ten minutes ago. I also kept thinking about Jonathan. I knew how bummed he must be feeling and it made me want to finish even stronger, to make him proud. The end of my run finally came into sight and I slowed to a walk, completely unsure of how to feel.

If my knee wasn’t in so much pain I would have felt happier about it. For some reason I felt more stressed about about the fact that I couldn’t even imagine tacking on 6.2 more miles. And what if this pain in my knee didn’t go away and I couldn’t run? What if I just wasted four months of my life? What if I had to run this marathon by myself? Why did I ever think this was a good idea?? And why can’t I just stop worrying about everything and be excited about the fact that I just ran 20 miles? Holy Cow, I just ran 20 miles!

You can see how this can confuse a girl. I really need to get my thoughts under control these next few weeks.

As of now I am tapering. Some people don’t do well with tapering beacuse they go nuts thinking they need to run more, do more speed training and basically cram as much running as humanly possible into the last few weeks. I, on the other hand, am thankful for the taper. I know that all of my training up until this point is what will (hopefully) get me across the finish line on November 20th. I also know that my legs need a break. Between the hills from the 2o miler and the fatigue from training, I know my legs will be in much better shape come race day. They will be fresh and ready to take on 26.2 miles. They will not wake me up in the middle of the night screaming for relief and they will not feel like they way 100 lbs each.

As much as I am grateful for the taper, I  really wish I had more time. I can’t even believe this race is in less than three weeks. Up until now November 20th felt so far away and like it was never really going to happen. Now I feel like it’s gone way too fast and I now need more time to train. At the same time I would really like to push the fast forward button to November 20th so I didn’t have to wait so long.

Regardless of the all these crazy thoughts in my head it all boils down to this: in 20 days I will be lining up on the streets of Philadelphia to run my very first marathon. Ready or not.

Wicked Slow 1/2 Marathon

27 Sep

All week I have been racking my brain on how to turn this race into something positive, something I can learn from.

It’s not working.

The only thing I learned is that sometimes you run fast and sometimes, when your time is actually recored, you run slow. I can’t quite get anything positive out of this race except it’s making me want to push a lot harder for next  1/2 marathon in a few weeks. 2 hours will be broken. Come hell or high water.

This race started out great. I woke up super early and surprisingly I wasn’t tired. My stomach felt great, we got to Salem with plenty of time to stretch and get ready and I was just the right amount of nervous. This race should have gone well.

The first half did. Not sure what happened the second half.

The major downside to this day was that it was very warm. 80 degrees and 100% humidity. Apparently we are in Florida again. The air was muggy but I was just happy it wasn’t raining. I was optimistic.

The first few miles flew by pretty quickly. The first mile was crowded and annoying, just like any other race. But I found my groove pretty quickly and settled into a good, quick pace. I made a very large mistake I would come to regret later in the race:I passed up the first water stop at mile 2. I wasn’t thirsty so I didn’t want to stop and throw my pace off. Que: If I could turn back time. In Jack from Will and Grace voice, obviously.

I spent the majority of miles 1-7 passing people and feeling fast. The views were great and the hills didn’t seem bother me too much. Then mile 7 happened. I’m pretty sure I blocked out of my memory how tough this portion of the race was. I got slammed with hills that never stopped coming, most of which just leveled off at the end. I saw Suzanne around mile 7 1/2 and she told me Jonathan was doing great but was worried about me. I was glad to hear he was doing well, but the fact that he was worried about me stressed me out. Was I slowing down more than I thought? She also told me the rest of the race was downhill. She lied. Miles 7.5-9 are entirely up hill. Don’t worry Suz, I still love you.

As the miles ticked by I could feel my pace slowing. I also watched most of the people I passed early on start to pass me. I was getting frustrated but couldn’t get myself to pick up the pace.

I was also really thirsty. In between each water station all I could think about was downing water. I kept dreaming of crossing the finish line and chugging the closest water bottle in sight. I read somewhere that once you actually feel thirsty during a run, there’s not much you can do at that point. You are already dehydrated. Fail.

Although I was slow, I never felt too tired or that I needed to stop. I rememeber when I ran this three years ago wanting to die at mile 10. I remember how long and agonizing those last three miles felt. I never felt that on Saturday. At least I have that.

I turned the corner on the last brutal hill and could finally see the crowd around the finish line. They didn’t have clocks at all during the race so I had no idea what my finish time would be. I silently prayed for it to not say 2:15, please God do not let it say 2:15. I picked up the pace, sprinted past the girl who had been my pacer for the last few miles, gave a high-five to Jonathan and crossed the finish line. You don’t actually see your time until you come up to the finish line. I looked at the clock and my heart broke. 2:01:58. 10 measly seconds faster than my previous time and 2 minutes off my goal time. 2 minutes. I almost wished it said 2:15. I grabbed my metal and choked back a few tears of frustration. If I had only pushed a little bit harder. 2:01:58, I hate you.

Jonathan looks tired. I look like my soul was just crushed.

So that it’s. I had a less than stellar run but it never felt awful or painful. Just plain slow. And frustrating.

Jonathan and I run the Boston 1/2 Marathon in two weeks and I plan on crushing it. I will not hold back this time and I certainly will not pass up any water stops. I am also hoping for some non-fake Florida weather. I like Northeast weather in the Fall, especially when running. I will also break 2 hours. And if by chance I don’t, the post-race blog post will be super awkward. I apologize in advance.

Here’s hoping.

I love sweat. I hate 2:01:58.

Halfway Point Thoughts

21 Sep

This past weekend we had a particularly active, but very fun, two days. We had our long run on Saturday, spent Saturday night at our good friends’ house and went hiking with other good friends on Sunday. We also hit the halfway point in our marathon training. Crazy.

9 weeks down. 9 weeks to go. I wish I could push the fast forward button to November 20th. I’m not really great with waiting for things. I almost lost my sanity waiting for my wedding day last year. I have patience issues.

Also, my October training schedule looks like this

Please note the last week. I have 10 mile run on Wednesday and 20 miles on Saturday. I may not live.

Not gonna lie, I’m a little nervous. Or terrified. Same thing.

After Saturday’s 10 mile long run, I felt on top of the world. I ran ten miles, at a surprisingly quick pace, and felt awesome afterwards. No pain what so ever and it was, dare I say, easy. The fact that I can say running ten miles is “easy” is pretty wild. I’m actually staring to feel optimistic.

Three months ago it was a very different story. I was just healing from an injury and I overanalyzed every little pain I felt. I swore my injury was back every time I felt the smallest bit of soreness and I was extremely skeptical on my ability to do this. My “long run” was also about 5 miles.

Thinking back to three years ago, I would have told you I would never run a Marathon. Not ever. It was this grand idea that I only dreamt about doing one day. I never gave myself enough credit. You would be amazed at things your body is capable of if you give it the chance. My friend Elysa for example: Never went to the gym and could eat her weight(all 100 lbs of it) in corn dogs. And now she’s a certified gym rat with shoulders that would make a man cry. Or run, whichever.

This weekend Jonathan and I are running the Wicked Half Marathon in Salem. Three years ago this weekend we ran this as my very first race. I remember being so out of my mind nervous about this race. This year I almost forgot I was running it. I also remember my first thought after crossing the finish line was how I could not ever image doubling it. Funny how things have changed.

If I’ve learned anything during the last 9 weeks, it’s that marathon training is nothing but a mind game. If you think you can run 10 miles, than you probably will. And after you run that 10 miles adding two measly miles on the end is no big deal. So twelve miles starts to become less of a feat. Or at least you tell yourself that. You also start talking to yourself a lot more, I’ve noticed. I have never yelled at myself more in my  life. Who would have thought the phrase “suck it up and don’t be such a @$%&$” would be so affective! I promise to never use this tactic on my husband or future children. They probably will not respond as well.

Here’s hoping I can keep all this positive outlook stuff going through these next 9 weeks. I cannot wait to be able to say I ran 20 miles and lived to tell the story. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Florida Showers

9 Sep

This past weekend we spent Labor Day in good old South Florida. If I know anything about Florida Summers, it’s that they are really hot and rains, a lot. Like every day. I remember having to get back from my lunch break before two o’clock because, like clockwork, it would rain everyday at the same time. Usually just for 20 minutes. Not so bad if it weren’t for the retched steam of humidity it left in it’s tracks. Basically, Florida was not good for my hair. I never had a good hair day when I lived there, at least not after two o’clock.

So, needless to say I was super excited about the weather last weekend. I wished I could have bottled up Boston’s 70 degrees and sunny weather and brought it along for the weekend. Such is life.

We got in late Friday and after a delicious Mexican dinner with my sister and her fiance we headed to my parent’s house for the night. We unpacked, chatted and finally went to bed around 1 am. I was crossing every finger, toe, arm, and leg that the morning temperatures wouldn’t be too bad since we had to bang out 12 miles Saturday morning. No dice.

To say that this was an unpleasant run would be like saying my husband kinda likes cookies. If you know him well enough you know he’s a certified cookie monster. The boy can blow through an entire box in one sitting…and never gain an ounce. So no, I did not enjoy this run. At all. It was pretty much the worst ever.

My alarm went off at 6:30 and I decided since I had only gotten about 5 hours of sleep, a half an hour more of sleep was justifiable. I seriously regretted that decision later. We got up, had our standard pre-run PBJ sandwich and iced coffee, stretched and were out the door at around eight o’clock.

The twelve miles were broken down into two 6 mile loops meeting halfway back at my parent’s house so we could stop for water and gator-aid. The first few miles weren’t so bad. I felt really good and positive about the miles ahead. Of course, the sun hadn’t come out yet. It was around mile five when this run started to unravel for me. I felt ok, but not nearly ok enough to be running another 7 miles. I was already tired, my legs were cramping from the heat and I was becoming dehydrated. I told myself to just make it to the house and I could get some water, I could do this.

A beautifully scenic run. Yeah, notsomuch.

We met at the house to down gator-aid poured ice water all over myself to cool off, stretch my legs and set off for the final 6 miles. I forced myself to think positive because I was finishing this run whether I liked it or not, no use in having a poor attitude about it. I think the powerade chews finally kicked in around mile seven and the sun ducked back into the clouds, I was feeling good and happy again. It was kind of fun to run around my old hometown, passing schools and parks I had made so many memories at growing up. We hit mile 9 and the sun was starting to make it’s way out again. The temperatures were rising, I was starting to over-heat and I just kept praying for rain. Around mile 10 is when it all fell apart. I was so hot that I took off my shirt and ran in my sports bra, something I only do when it’s out of desperation. My shirt was so soaked in sweat(attractive, I know) that it was sticking to me and making me even more uncomfortable than I already was. I also stopped and walked for a few seconds. Something I never allow myself to do. Walking to me equals giving up and I can almost always fight through the urge. But, I was becoming really dizzy and knew I need a quick break. Thank God for my husband, who kept me going even though I wanted so badly to quit. I started back up after a few seconds and by mile 11 I was repeating “left, right, left, right” in my head just to keep my feet moving forward. I felt like I had run 16 miles already. It had started to drizzle after about an hour of praying for rain. I told myself if God could give me rain than I could give him the rest of the run. So I pushed forward, with the help of Britney Spears of course. Then finally, finally, after 12 miserable miles I could see the stopping point. Never in my life have I been so excited to see University Drive. I felt exhausted but also really proud of myself for pushing through the misery. I now had the entire weekend to look forward to!

The rest of the day was filled with eating, I heart Chick-fil-a, shopping for last minute bridal shower items and a good nap. I basically crapped out at about 2 pm. I never nap so when I actually can I know it was needed. We then headed over to Nancy’s house for dinner with her and Grandma Helen. We grilled steaks and sat and chatted and watched our wedding video. It was a great night and we are so glad we got to spend some quality time with the family.

Sunday was the event of the weekend – Elisa’s Bridal Shower! My sister, Brianne, had cleverly came up with a surprise Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme because Elisa loves that movie so much. It was hit! Everyone came in their LBD’s and pearls and the room was decked-out in teal, black, and white and topped off with Audrey Hepburn mugs wrapped in Tiffany’s style wrapping. Everything came out so cute and Elisa was thrilled!


She got lots of great stuff and the afternoon was filled with great food, friends and lots of champagne! It was so nice to see my sister as happy as she is and makes me even more excited for the upcoming wedding.

Later that night we headed over to dinner with my family to celebrate both of my parents’ birthday’s! We went to Big Bear Brewery, their local favorite, and had lots of fun. We had a rather long wait that I filled chasing my niece, Leyla, around the sidewalk and trying to keep her from falling all the way into the fountain. Kid is determined.


Loving the fountain

Trying to get into the fountain. Best shot ever.

The weekend was wonderful and I still can’t believe I hadn’t been back there for 7 months. My longest stretch since I’ve moved up to Boston. But don’t you worry my Florida friends, I will be back a million more times between now and next May. The airlines, or Jet Blue really, love us.

August Recap

31 Aug

As with the rest of the Summer, August seemed to fly by! It was another really fun month filled with family, friends and lots of running. I have really come to love Summer’s in Northeast – they are always filled with new places, family, friends and the outdoors. I certainly don’t miss Florida summers filled with scorching heat, rain and lots of time indoors!

This August brought one of my favorite Feig family traditions – Cousin’s Weekend! Most of the cousin’s on the Feig side of Jonathan’s family happen live in the Northeast, so we take full advantage by dedicating an entire weekend each summer to get together. Stacey and Josh were the gracious hosts of the weekend and we all bunk up at their house in the Pocono’s . It was a weekend filled with lost of laughs, games, delicious food, and running. It amazes me how active we all are. It’s way more fun to have a long run scheduled for the weekend when almost everyone there is running too!

A few highlights of the weekend:

  • Emma not recognizing Bob and putting her hand out to shake his and saying “Hi, I’m Emma”…we laughed for a good five minutes after that one.

2 going on 17

  • Poor Heather getting made fun of for every card she put down in Apples to Apples. I was actually crying from laughing so hard.
  • The amazing spread of food the entire weekend and Bob having to grill in the pouring rain. I think he’s trying to make up for not attending last year’s Cousin’s Weekend.
  • Nicole’s amazing watermelon cake pops. She’s so crafty!
Getting the chance to spend all weekend with some of my favorite people.
What was not a highlight, however, was our 9 mile run. One word: hills. It was probably one of the most unenjoyable runs to date and I actually had to walk down some of the hills because they were so steep. The only thing I can take from it is it definitely made my 11 mile run the next weekend seem like a cake walk in comparison. Check out this elevation:
Just as we thought we couldn’t get enough of family fun, Bo and Pumpkin came to visit! They were on their way to a romantic getaway to Nantucket and Maine and stopped to see us on the way up! We took them to the North End for dinner and ate at Carmen, one of our favorites! It was delicious and we had so much fun. We never really get one-on-one time with them so it was an extra-special night for us!
The rest of August was filled with runs, eating and spending lots of time with our favorite neighbors. Eventually, I fear, they will get sick of us.
Also in August, I FINALLY got to ride on my new fancy road bike! After about a month of either being out of town or dealing with bad weather, we eventually got a free Sunday morning with good weather. It was really fun and I feel like I got the hang of it pretty quickly. Although, the clicking in and out of the pedals will take some practice!
We were cruising along for about an hour and decided to head home(why do bad things always happen on the way home?). As we were approaching a light and slowing down, a man parked on the side of the road yelled out to me and Jonathan. Apparently he was crippled and could not get out of the car to put his mail in the mail box so he was trying to get us to do it. How he can drive is another story. It kinda freaked me out so I turned to see what was going on and BAM! Hit the ground faster than I could register. Banged up my knees pretty bad but happy to report no major damage. Is it terrible that my first thought was “oh no, I did not just run eleven miles for nothing!” Note to self: un-click before coming to a stop. You will fall over.
August was a lot of fun and full of great things but I am so ready for September to arrive. It is my favorite month for weather up here(75 and sunny!) and that much closer to my favorite season – Fall!!
Back next week with a full recap on our upcoming trip to Florida! I hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend. I know I sure will!

This Just Happened

24 Aug

Well, ok, it happened last night. But still, it’s kind of a big deal. Scratch that, a HUGE deal. I, along with my super handsome and supportive Husband, are officially running the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20th. It took about 5 weeks of obsessively checking the Philadelphia Marathon website and twitter account to make sure that it was not sold-out and a successful 11 mile run this past weekend for me to have the guts to actually sign up. Not to mention the fact that last week when I checked the twitter account and read “Only 5 spots left” my heart sank until I finished reading “in the Ronald McDonald Charity group.” I  realized then how heartbroken I would be if this race sold-out before I registered. Since last year’s race sold-out Labor Day weekend I decided that if this past weekend’s run went well, I was signing up. No more excuses.

I have 88 days and 336(!) training miles to go. My current mental state is split between terrified and totally excited. Mentally, I know I am completely capable. I think I have a pretty strong mental game and they say marathoning is 90% mental and 10% physical. I am, however, extremely worried about the 10%. I am just coming out of an injury and I have the worst possible feet for running. Thank you, Dad, for this wonderful genetic gift. Blisters and I are quickly becoming the best of friends. I am seriously considering buying stock in Second Skin, I can’t even run three miles without it these days. It scares me to think what my poor feet will look like after 20 miles – if I even have feet left at that point. I’m not sure which i am worried about more, but I am certainly worried. Also the fact that I’m only in week 6 of 18 and I am tired. Like really freaking tired. I know I need to throw in more than one rest day in the mix and my current Harry Potter addiction is not helping the sleep situation. I just started these books a few weeks ago and can’t quite seem to put them down. It’s a problem. I am working on it, sort of. I am hoping once I am finished with these I will start getting to bed before midnight. More sleep = less tired Kristen.

Also, if any of you do not have plans for the weekend of November 19-20th, please come to Philadelphia. It would be awesome. I am aware that most of you will not come and I won’t hold this against you. Standing in the freezing cold for 4 hours cheering on a bunch of lunatics is probably not your idea of a good time. I don’t blame you. But if for some reason you think you might want to come join the party, please do. If any of you have ever done a distance race you will know just how much support means. Even if it’s just one person standing in the cold cheering us on, it would mean the worls to us and we would love you forever. For reals.

So as we continue on this crazy marathon journey(12 more weeks!) we could use as much support and motivation as possible. Even if I’m just calling you to tell you that I’m tired and sore or if I’m not calling you it’s because I’m tired and sore, please do not take offense. I still love all of you, I’m just too tired to express it. I will also try and be better at updating this thing. I have a ton to recap on and will get on it as soon as I remember to upload pictures onto my computer instead of reading Harry Potter. My world will be a much better place as soon as I finish reading these. 4 more to go!